how soon will my apple tree produce fruit?

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how soon will my apple tree produce fruit?

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I live in the south suburbs of Chicago; 8 years ago I had planted a Winesap apple tree, in the hopes that within 5 years or so it would be producing fruit. Well, the last 2 years or so it had flowered nicely but it didn't really produce any fruit and what little it did was either insect infested or had some other issue with it rendering the fruit not worthy of eating. What do I need to do to start enjoy my apple tree, there was an apple tree not more than 10 yards from my tree but alas it was chopped down by the new owners of the home, now there is another apple tree further down the block from me, I am hoping with this tree it will be able to cross pollinate.....what else can I do for my apple tree?



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Re: how soon will my apple tree produce fruit?

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The Winesap variety is triploid, meaning you will need the pollen from two other varieties to pollinate it. Plus...the pollen from the Winesap is sterile so it will not pollinate any other varieties.
As for insect and disease control, check online with land grant universities for info. Ohio State and Mich. State would be relevant for your area of the country.

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Re: how soon will my apple tree produce fruit?

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I agree with tkuntz, this sounds like a lack of pollination partners. You need 2 other trees of different varieties flowering at the same time. If in doubt, crab apples are a good choice - they produce a lot of pollen over a long period. But you still need 2 *different* varieties planted nearby.

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