Apple ripening in June _ What is the variety?

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Apple ripening in June _ What is the variety?

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About 6 years ago we purchased a Granny Smith apple from the local nursery. Last year it had a load of apples and dropped them all by the middle of July. We picked them up and sent them to the dumpster. This year, the tree was again loaded and a few started dropping in mid June. We picked up some and tasted them and were surprised to learn that they were ripe. We have since harvested all of the apples and placed them in the freezer.

The apples are a light green color and just before falling turn a pale green. Any left on the tree get more pale green and become pithy so they are definitely over ripe.

The apples are nice large round and resemble the Golden Delicious but without the bumps on the lower end. The tree is very susceptile to Cedar Orange Rust and we do have some wild Red Cedars in the close vicinity on another property.

Does anyone have any idea of what variety of apple that we have for it to ripen in late June? Everything that I read about Granny Smith is that they ripen in late October. We also have several Red Delicious trees in the same close proximity and they ripen much later.

I am located in central Oklahoma, Zone 7.

Thanks, Bob

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