Adding an Apple Juice forum to General list

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Adding an Apple Juice forum to General list

Post by Bracken26bwr » Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:36 am

Dear forum administrator

How about adding an Apple Juice forum into the General forums -the idea being to separate the juice interest side of the house from the yeast bashers for whom a [fledgling] Apple Cider forum already exists -albeit without much detail on method/quantities as yet.

I am relatively new to apple juice production having pressed for the last 5 summers. This year I added a pasteurizer to enable me to bottle it. I have done about 100ltr so far this season, have around 200ltr pending (various varieties) and yet more apples available.

So far I haven't had any disasters:) but the thing that I have found takes time is finding practical information on processing steps. How do you filter apple juice (not so easy!), How much Ascorbic (Vit-C) to add and when? Why add it in the first place? (stops oxidation etc). Using pectolase to clear down, using pectolase to reduce the pulp directly etc. Whats a useful chemical mix for equipment & bottle lots more things you need to consider. How long to pasteurize for and at what temp? Impact on taste etc. There's a whole lot of info out there but finding, assessing and getting it together into something useful to work with takes time.

In my minds eye I was initially hoping to be able to find a flow chart (no pun intended) of steps including quantities (5g/ltr Vit-C etc). This site looks like a useful place to start one so anyone else starting up can get work quickly without the worry of wondering how, why, "was it enough", "was it too much" or "have I poisoned anyone".

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Re: Adding an Apple Juice forum to General list

Post by appledude » Wed Jan 18, 2012 7:52 pm

Very interesting!

I was reading the other day in a fruit journal around 30 years old that some guy was "preserving" his fresh apple juice in clean 2-liter soda bottles. Seems that the pressure builds to around 140 psi then fermentation ceases, contents of the bottle seem to last forever that way or until drunk!

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