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If you've never tried one seek them out . . . unique and superb!

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Re: Winesap!

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Mine too! But only the true winesaps -- the tart ones.

Sadly, I only seem to find the Stayman and the Stayman Winesaps in my area and it's driving me nuts. The old winesaps used to be so easy to find. :-(

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Re: Winesap!

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I still grow them for our farm market in South Central PA. I ship anywhere in the USA if your interested.

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Re: Winesap!

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These are truly great apples. There are much better varieties for eating, but have found them excellent for pies, pink sauce (leave the skins on!) and add a great deal of flavor in cider. And, they seem to last well into spring when left in the unheated garage or fridge. I have planted two Winesap trees in my orchard, and I don't often plant two of anything. The orchard I used to get them from locally had them stolen right off the trees this last year, which really stinks!

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