pollination for gravenstein

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pollination for gravenstein

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new to the forum, hope you can help with some wisdom. i recently planted a gravenstein apple tree and was wondering if they need a particular pollinator. i have a golden delish, a cherry red from stark, and a honeycrisp. also... does fireblight spray work, want to protect the young tree if all possible. thanks. :)

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Re: pollination for gravenstein

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Nice list of fireblight resistant apples [urlhttp://www.caf.wvu.edu/kearneysville/tables/fbsus.html]HERE[/url].

I saw Gold Delish on it. Didn't spend alot of time studying it.

The more pollen sources you have the merrier, of course. Don't make them all the same tree though! This is a truism for plums and pears as well.

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Re: pollination for gravenstein

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Gravenstein is triploid and pollen sterile. This means Gravenstein will not pollinate other varieties and it needs two other varieties in order to achieve pollination. Hundreds of varieties will work as long as they bloom during the same time. Gravenstein blooms about the same time as Gala and Golden Delicious in my area.
Also: Gravenstein are VERY suseptable to fire blight.

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Re: pollination for gravenstein

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Here in the UK we find Gravs bloom very early, so I would look for an early-season pollinator.

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Re: pollination for gravenstein

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Check the pollination checker at http://www.orangepippintrees.com/pollin ... ecker.aspx

Helped me select what trees to plant near one another in my yard.
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