apples with red veins

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apples with red veins

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I am searching for a variety of apple from a childhood memory. My grandmother owned a farm in Northern Michigan. There were several apple trees around the property, and she would can applesauce every fall. The best kind was pale pink because the flesh of the apple was white with red veins running through it. I don't remember what the outside looked like. Does anyone know what variety of apple I'm talking about? Or better yet, where I could order bushel's of them to be shipped to Southern Nevada, where I live now?
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Re: apples with red veins

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There are a lot of apples with red flesh or red veins inside. The McIntosh / Jonamac / Cortland type varieties often have just the slightest hint of red inside, although not nearly enough to tint the sauce pink. But the ones with more prominent red flesh have pretty obvious names such as Pink Pearl, Pink Princess, or Scarlet Surprise. You can buy these sorts of apples from various nurseries such as or ... es2008.htm. Best of luck to you finding an apple that meets your desires!
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