Macedonian apples

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Macedonian apples

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Many years ago, I travelled through what was then the Macedonian portion of Yugoslavia. Every home in the small villages had apple trees that were laden with apples. I have always thought these varieties would grow well in portions of the American West that share the same extreme summer and winter temperatures, dry climate, and alkaline soils. I have no idea what the varieties were but I do know that they were red, spur-type, and delicious. Can anyone suggest what they might have been and whether or not they might be available in the US?

Thank you.

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Re: Macedonian apples

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Wow, good post with the element of mystery in it!

Who knows what they are? They might be regionally shared types only, maybe they have never crossed the ocean, who knows??

Probably pictures and stuff could be compared with known apple books and pic's on the internet to get a tentative ID.

Got pictures of fruit, leaves, bark, ripening times, flowers etc? That would assist you more and more.

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