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As I meet people on this page, I dont think that there is a good way to connect with them. I think profiles that contain more information - such as affiliations, orchard, and most importantly tree varieties - would be great.
For example, If I look up a tree and someone that lives in my neck of the woods has one, I may want to see what other trees they have, and possible set up a scion swap. However the way it is set up right now, you cant really do that. You can just look up trees, and see who has them, no way to contact, or see what else they have. Obviously sharing this information could be a feature that could be turned on and off in your profile settings, but personally I would like to share this info and I think as a whole it would help the apple community connect with each other.

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Good suggestion. I advertise my apples in my signature hoping that other people in the area would start contacting each other and perhaps get more comments on my selections.
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