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Oh and sorry, Im not trying to rip on your site, I do love this site and its a wonderful resource. I do website and software testing to for a living so I'm just used to calling out and suggesting things like that. So I figured I offer up some insight.

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Re: Sorry

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Can not speak for the owners/operators of this website, but as a frequent visitor (with occasional editing privileges for misspelled words :wink: ), I was delighted to read your specific observations and constructive suggestions.

Hope we see replies soon - and many thanks for your time, interest and resources.

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Re: Sorry

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Ditto to those comments. I have noticed the same kind of stuff. Why not make a great website even better.

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Re: Sorry

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No apology necessary! Thank you for the suggested changes to the website. That is the purpose of this forum topic and we really appreciate the feedback.

Right now Richard and I have a list of 56 items on our “OrangePippin-to-do” list, and your first two suggested changes are on that list. The biggest hindrance we have is time. is not intended to be a large income generator for us and we work on the site because of our passion for apples and orchards. We also do not want to let the site appear overly “commercialized”, which is why we have a separate sister website for commercial tree sales – the income from which pays for our hosting and ongoing development.

Please keep the suggestions coming, and we’ll do our best to chip away at our to do list. We have some incredibly great ideas for on that list and we look forward to working on them.

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