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Business question

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I didn't know where to put this.

We have an orchard that was abandoned for yrs. We brought it back to life last yr but have decided we aren't cut out for the business.

Where would be a good spot to advertise the equipment we purchased and used for approx. 2 months--refrigeration system, grading line, cider press?

And does anyone know where to market the wood from the trees? These are old trees (1960's). We have huge amounts of wood just from pruning, but we are also planning on the removal of several for more pasture. I know that the wood from the trees is a big deal for smoking and hard to come by so any ideas would be helpful.

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If you are the Jackson Center in Mercer County, you live near where I grew up. The Johnstons, who run the Apple Castle, between New Wilmington and New Castle, are very knowledgable about apples and orcharding. You might contact them for some advice for that part of the country. The closest to a web page for them is

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