Good Pollinator for Arkansas Black trees

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Good Pollinator for Arkansas Black trees

Post by Renegade19sc »

I have 10 Arkansas Black trees that have been out since 2009. I have been doing some research and found out that I will need a pollinator for these trees. What works best for pollination and do I have to have more than one pollinator.

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Re: Good Pollinator for Arkansas Black trees

Post by dmtaylor »

It is often said that crabapples make the best pollinators, as they produce more flowers than regular apples. However, basically any other apple variety besides Arkansas Black will work fine. Just will take a few years for a new tree to grow. Alternatively, you could try grafting a few scions of a different variety onto your existing trees. Then your pollinators will all be on the same 10 trees and you wouldn't need to plant another tree. But you'd probably need a good branch on most of your trees to get enough pollen for all of them, and it will still take a year or three for the new grafts to flower.

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Re: Good Pollinator for Arkansas Black trees

Post by OrangePippin-Richard »

Arkansas Black is quite easy to pollinate, almost any diploid mid-season blooming apple or crab-apple will be suitable as long as it is not related to Arkansas Black. Crab-apples are useful because they produce a lot more pollen than regular apples.

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Re: Good Pollinator for Arkansas Black trees

Post by PA_Docent »

Black Arkansas is triploid and will not cross with other triploid apples. Make sure you obtain a diploid or crabapple like the previous answers indicate. Check for a listing of what type of midseason apples are available when Arkansas Black ripens. Use the OP website ... spx?v=1181 to check which of these on the listing is good pollinator.

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