Hello from Eastern Tennessee

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Tennessee Dave
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Hello from Eastern Tennessee

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I found the site and forum while looking for information about growing Cox Orange Pippin here in Eastern Tennessee. In fact I contacted Orange Pippin by phone and talked at length with either Scott or Richard (I think) and learned everything I needed to know. Being an Englishman he knew the Cox inside out and provided more information during the conservation than I had learned in two weeks of research on my own. He recommended a couple of different trees for my area that have Cox parentage and I have reserved some for the fall. In the meantime I am getting ready to plant my first three apple trees this weekend. This will be a brand new adventure for this 62 year old and I looking forward to the journey and learning a lot.

Chuck Rhode
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Re: Hello from Eastern Tennessee

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Yes, us codgers should stick together. I was talking to an old dude the other day who is thinking about getting back into the business and rejuvenating an overgrown orchard. This is not a young guy's hobby. All the people I see in it are pushing 60. I'm not sure why, but it's always been that way. The fellow my folks bought apples from graduated from Purdue before WWI. ... something to do with deferring gratification and taking the long view, I suppose.

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Re: Hello from Eastern Tennessee

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It's not just an old guy's thing! I'm not even in my mid 30's yet and I have a little home orchard. Don't even have any family in the orcharding business. I'm hoping that by the time I get to be your age, I will have a well established orchard!

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Re: Hello from Eastern Tennessee

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Hello Dave. I am also from East TN (Tri-Cities area) and am thinking about planting a cox's orange pippin. If you've already planted this variety, how is it doing so far?

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