How to use Dorsett Apples that do not keep

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How to use Dorsett Apples that do not keep

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Since Dorsett Applies do not keep well, and harvest comes when temperatures are 100 - 112 degrees here in Arizona, what is the best way to store (how long too?) and use the fruit as it ripens? What is the best way to tell when ripe?

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Re: How to use Dorsett Apples that do not keep

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I enjoy eating apples fresh (favorite fruit) and keep them in the salad drawer in the refrigerator, albeit I only have a few apples this year; the drawer seems to have the best/proper humidity and climate for apples that I have found (the basement is too warm at 65 degrees).

If you want to process them, make apple sauce and store in jars like you would jam (check sites for advice on how long to process in a water bath). You could try apple butter also but check the web for recipes (I don't have the patience to make apple butter; apples taste great fresh).

As for ripeness, when I open the refrigerate salad drawer and can smell apple aroma, most likely ripe, however eat them fairly quickly (like over a week or two) as the methane they produce and the small drawer makes the apple ripen together. Can't tell you by color when they are ripe; not familiar with Dorsett. Check at orchards or grocers selling Dorsett. They usually sell apples when they are ripe.


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