Is July too late for bareroot?

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Is July too late for bareroot?

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I've just bought (last day of June) 2 apple trees in the UK - a Braeburn and a Bramley and potted them in large (80 litre/18 gallon) containers.
I soaked the roots for a few hours and then watered them very well in their pots.

They have no leaves as they were bareroot, but I wanted to know if they stand any chance of surviving this late in the year?

They were reduced to clear in my local shop and I thought I'd give them a try.

Are they likely to grow at all this summer? Would they survive and start next spring?
Any tips/suggestions welcome.

I am very new to gardening and a complete novice, so apologies for my ignorance.

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Re: Is July too late for bareroot?

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If you potted them up it should be no issue as long as they have drainage holes and the excess water can drain out of the soil. I would not fertilize until they start showing strong growth and that might be until next year. What is the age of the trees? It has taken three years for my bare root trees to start bearing apples.

Buds showing any growth (i.e. swelling)?

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