Getting Started in the Apple Busines

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Getting Started in the Apple Busines

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Hi there,
I have recently moved to a property with approx. 30 to 35 mature apple trees, not dwarf, approx. 20ft high. Most are currently in bloom and have been pruned last fall. I have no idea how to maintain or harvest the trees but am interested in knowing the following:
1. In Ontario, Canada- how can I set up the business and sell the apples
2. Organic vs Pesticides.
3. yield for 30 to 35 tress = $$$
4. What kind of trees do I have (any web sites with pics would be great so I can match them up )
5. Supplies / equipment - What do I need.

Love to hear from anyone that is doing this as a hobby or side business from home with a similar situation.

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