Yellow Spots on leaves

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Yellow Spots on leaves

Post by IrishDutchman »

Hi, a question to any who might know

Ive got a single apple tree which i believe is a red delicious. The tree has been abused for about 15 years and is now under my care. It fruited for the first time this year (about 10 tiny apples) and only lately developed yellow spots in the middle of the leaves with a brown dot right in the center. The blotches almost resemble a spider bite. It runs throughout the tree but thus far isnt seeming do any real harm. Can anyone identify this blight or recommend a cure/preventioin?

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Post by tkuntz »

Sounds like ALTERNARIA LEAF BLOTCH. It overwinters on dead leaves so cleaning the leaves from under your tree is a good control. You can also chop them up with a mower if you don't want to clean them up. Dead leaf removal also helps with apple scab control.
Red Delicious are also good hosts for European Red Mites. Mite stress will make ALB worse. Thus controlling mites is important.

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