How long should I wait until ripe and ready?

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For apple crisp, should I use...

Granny Smith
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How long should I wait until ripe and ready?

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I'm planning on making apple crisp with mcintosh apples on August 31 for my boyfriend's birthday. I wanted to make sure the apples will be at their tartest/best for cooking, so, I was wondering how long after purchase at a local grocery store should I wait for the apples to ripen?

Does anyone think I should use granny smith instead?

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Post by appledude »

My wife likes Golden Delicious for her crisps. Any old apple will do, as long as they have a modicum of apple acids to balance all the sugar you add.

You could do mini-crisps, one that is all mac, one that is all granny, and one that is half and half. Let your boyfriend be the ultimate judge! He will love it!

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Post by tkuntz »

I would recommend blending Golden Delicious with a tart apple such as McIntosh. The contrast of sweet and tart is great. McIntosh will get nice and soft in a crisp as well as Golden Del.
Granny's are better for pies since the baking time is longer. Granny's will stay firm in a crisp since the baking time is short. Whichever you prefer is fine. I would rather have soft apples in a crisp though.

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