I have a mystery,..

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I have a mystery,..

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We bought a house about 10 years ago. It had two apple trees in the back yard. We're in St Louis (midwest climate).
Both trees were plagued with 'carpenter ants'. The trees were planted about 50-60 years ago (judging from size and ring count) One had to be cut down. The second tree is still growing and this year we had a 'bumper' crop. Probably because last years crop was completely stunted with a late frost that arrived just as the tree was sprouting blossoms.
This tree produces a very VERY early crop. Usually early to mid August.
The fruit is round and generally green. It picks up a yellowish color in the last week of july to the middle of august. Those hanging in the sun will pick up a pinkish tint on the side toward the sun. The pink color is NOT a solid blush, it's 'streaky' with green and yellow.
I ran accross a farmer at the local farmers market who had the same apple. (from appearences) He identified it as a 'very old' variety. No longer planted' He called it 'WORTH'.
A very good cooking apple. It makes great cakes, pies, and applesauce.
It's easier to work with while still a little on the green side of ripe.
I have a 'corer-peeler' that works very nicely on the slightly green ones. When they turn lightly yellow, they tend to fall apart instead of peel. By the time they turn pink, forget it, they just crumble. Can anyone confirm or elaborate on this variety?? It was probably planted between 1945 and 1950

Thank you
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