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I have a longish question. We have 10 year old trees. The fellow who grafted and sold us the trees died shortly after planting. We have had harvestable apples once in the ten years. I had been blaming frosts, winds, no bee's, my sorry pruning, etc. Now, I think we may have had a pollination problem all along. It may be best to list the varieties and what pollination type I believe them to be.

Black Twig(1); Diploid, but apparently requires another variety to pollinate.
Glanz-Rienette(2); no info found, german origins.
Hooples Gold(1); Diploid (I think), but again, is listed as needed help pollinating.
Mutsu(1); Triploid, obviously needs a pollinator.
Spigold(was 2 until two years ago, now 1); Triploid.

All are mid-season bloomers with the exception of not knowing about the Glanz-Rienette. I do not know if we've any alternate year bearers, I think they're all annuals.

Does any of the above list tell any of you experienced orchardists anything that might explain our repeated lack of apples? The trees make lots of wood every year and most years have plenty of blossoms but that's all!

Thanks for any help!

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If you get flowers that don't set into fruit, I would agree another pollinator would be the easiest thing to try. Your triploid varieties (Mutsu, Spy and I also put Black Twig in that category) are pollinating nothing, so they are no help with pollination. I have no experience with the other two varieties.
In commercial orchards we use flowering crab apples to pollinate. They produce many flowers and lots of pollen. (Manchurian, Snowdrift, Hyslop) Hyslop can be used for crabapple jelly if you wish.

If you have a lot of wood production, some of the problem could be too much vegetative growth. Usually this coincides with the lack of flower production. However, you may want to do a soil test to find out how much nitrogen your dealing with. Be careful not to over-fertilize. I find a lot of homeowners using too much fertilizer. Too much nitrogen will cause your trees to go into a vegetative state and not produce fruit.

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Pollination services

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Hello apple growers,

We are glad to inform you that we will have ca 500 bee hives more for pollination services that last year.
please contact us with any questions you'll have. We will negotiate the prices so it will satisfy us both. If you want to make a trip to Phoenix to see our operation please let us know and we will make the arrangements for you.
We have strong bee hives and proudly we are taking good care of them.
If you need some pictures we can provide them to.

thank you for your interest
ADL Management
Ovi Domocos
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