Making Sweet Apple Cider

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Making Sweet Apple Cider

Post by eyelashestoo »

Hi all ... I'm country boy and a features columnist for a newspaper in Indiana. My family and I made homemade apple cider for the first time this year on an antique cider mill manufactured in the mid to late 1800's. It was great fun. we are definitely going to make it an annual event from now on. I wrote an article and created an audio slide show of the process and was hoping to get some feedback from, and share it with other like-minded country folks (or even city apple lovers too - smile). This seems to be the best forum topic. Anyone willing to check out the article and the slideshow and give me feedback?? Thanks. I appreciate it.

Here is the link for the story online ... /810210301

... and the audio slideshow ... ows/cider/

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Post by tkuntz »

Great article. Nice slide show.
Looks like you all had a great time. A great learning experience for the kids too.

Each fall we press cider with a similar press. Our grinder is run by an antique gasoline engine.
The same day we also make apple butter in a copper kettle over a wood fire. Takes about thirteen hours of cooking and stirring. Would be a nice addition to your fall day if the cider making ever gets "boring".

Copper kettles do come up at public auctions once in awhile if you keep your eyes open. Or maybe mom and dad have one of them too;)

Thanks for sharing.

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Post by coup »

watched the slideshow,,very nice....i have watched most all the videos on youtube nad yours is better than most....i wish i could luck into and old press and grinder like that.......

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Post by ailaonzo »

great slideshow and article.

I hope I can replicate your technique. I couldn't always perfect it.

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