spring sprays

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spring sprays

Post by stumpy » Thu Jan 07, 2010 12:28 pm

Is it to soon to get excited about Spring and what is going to begin? Clean the orchard, mow between the rows, add some new mulch, prune, spray dorment oil, etc.. Spray----- I am 1 year new around here, so I am a newbee, I don't know as much as most of you guys forgot, but I am learning. I didn't get involoved with fruit trees untill I was in my late 70's, allow I dreamed about it for years. My question---- I want to spray dorment oil in early march. What is the consenses about adding kocide 3000 to the oil as a fungiside???Will kocide take care of Scab?? All replys will be appreciated, Thanks, galagala :D

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Post by tkuntz » Sat Jan 09, 2010 9:43 am

I don't recommend mixing copper (Kocide) with oil. They may not play together in the tank very nice.
I would recommend using copper in early March if you have a fire blight problem and saving the oil application as long as possible before buds break in order to have a longer insect control effect during the season. In my area in southern PA I hold off the oil application until the third or forth week of March.

Copper during bud swell is pretty much the only option for controlling fire blight. However, I don't believe copper has any effect on apple scab during the dormant season. It may have some effect later on in the form of a bordeaux mixture, but I believe copper during the growing season is used mostly for powdery mildew.

Any scab spore release which occurs before the leaves are open in the spring is insignificant because they don't have a host site. Once the leaves open you need to protect them. However it doesn't hurt to protect the buds as well, especially if the spring is warm and rainy.

I would recommend saving your scab fighting until the leaves start to open from the buds. From 1/2" green through two weeks after petal fall is the time to really put the hammer down on apple scab.

Another important homeowner tip:
Make sure to rake and dispose of last years leaves and fruit from under the trees, because this is where the spores are going to come from for this years scab infections.

For more info I highly recommend Penn State's Tree Fruit Production Guide for the home gardener @ http://ssfruit.cas.psu.edu/

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