Pacific Rose

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Pacific Rose

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I love this apple because it is crisp and sweet. it kinda tastes like a pink lady, but better. It has dusty pink skin. I do not see it on the apple varieties list on this site. I wonder if it goes under a different name. The PLU number on the sticker is 3608. If anyone knows a little more about this apple variety, please reply.

My second favorite apple is the Macintosh. I love it because it tastes like candy! The only thing that I don't really like about this variety is that the flesh is kind of soft and mushy. Does anyone know of another variety that tastes like a Macintosh but has denser flesh?

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Re: Pacific Rose

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Try Empire! It is a cross between Red delicious and Mcintosh! SPartan is also a Mcintosh type that is supposed to be firmer!

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Re: Pacific Rose

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This page shows the family tree for the Pacific Rose.

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Re: Pacific Rose

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Hawkspur wrote:This page shows the family tree for the Pacific Rose.
Thanks Hawkspur, that was interesting!

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