Johnny Appleseed

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Johnny Appleseed

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Was there really a guy who went arround planting apples?

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Yes, there was actually a man named John Chapman, but some of the stories about him can be quite tall :D

Some interesting information here:

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A key fact about Johnny Appleseed that I never heard when I was growing up or as an adult, until I became interested in growing apples, was the importance of "Appleseed" in his name. Even in Johnny Appleseed's day, the common means of propigating apple trees was through grafting. Because of John Chapman's religious, back-to-nature beliefs, he thought grafting was unnatural and immoral. Therefore he started his apples from seed. Because an apple tree grown from seed almost always produces apples that are small, tough, sour or bitter or otherwise useless for fresh eating, baking, sauce-making, or much any use than feeding livestock or making cider, he was laughed at by folks in the settled parts of the country. Out in the west (when Ohio was still part of the frontier) where folks didn't have any other apple supplier, where cider and livestock feed were valued, and because the government required settlers to grow apple trees (yes, government regulations to control people's lives for their own betterment is not a new concept), Johnny succeeded with his apple tree enterprise.

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