gala apples

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donna atha
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gala apples

Post by donna atha »

i have had some gala apples trees growing for years. not the easiest to keep from have scab problems. is brookfield gala a good choice for replacement? or just forget about galas and plant something different? thanks.

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Re: gala apples

Post by OrangePippin-Richard »

You might find that different sports / variants of Gala perform differently, but if you have experienced a persistent problem growing Gala then I would be tempted to try something completely different which might be better suited to your particular climate and situation. If you like Gala apples, perhaps start by investigating some of the varieties that it is closely related to, such as Kidd's Orange Red etc.

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Re: gala apples

Post by tkuntz »

I have never grown Brookfield Gala, However I grow Buckeye Gala, Kidds D8 Gala, Fulford Gala and Crimson Gala. Of the ones I have experience with, Fulford is the least susceptible to scab, but they are still susceptible. If you want to switch to scab resistant varieties, Goldrush is probably the sweetest I am aware of. It's more like Golden Delicious than Gala.

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Drew Dubious
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Re: gala apples

Post by Drew Dubious »

You could always try interstemming with resistant cultivars like mcintosh.

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