Crabapples in Georgia

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Crabapples in Georgia

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I am looking for a crabapple tree. I believe the name for it is the Malus coronaria var. platycarpa. Or common name, Bigfruit crabapple. I am from Georgia and both my home and grandparents home had this type of crabapple tree. The fruit is green with little black specks and as they ripen, they turn yellowish amber. If I remember correctly the blooms were white. I am having the hardest time finding a nursery that sells this tree. Do you have any information of where I can purchase one? Or when the fruit is in season, do you know of anyone that would have the apples for sale? Thank you so much for your time.
Dawn Doughty

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Re: Crabapples in Georgia

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I Could not find one with that specific name. But prehaps this is on the right track? ... 15&pID=525

good luck!

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