Preservative gas/spray and effect on apple taste

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Preservative gas/spray and effect on apple taste

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I am concerned that the apples that are for sale at the large grocery chains in my area have less taste, and this is during prime apple harvest season. Apples that I used to be able to count on for freshness, sweetness, tartness during the fall and winter now appear to have spent time in gas-filled containers (their shapes are slightly oblong) and they DO NOT TASTE AS SWEET AS THEY USED TO!!!!

I read a recent NYTimes article about this new storage trend for fresh, newlyl harvested apples, and I think this is what I am now experiencing. If this is true, it is a TERRIBLE TRADE-OFF. I would much rather have sweet fresh tart non-preserved applies for part of the year, rather than pretty-looking and firm but tasteless apples the year round.

Please let me know who I can contact to register my protest. I will probably begin to buy only organic apples -- even though they are often twice to three times as expensive as those in the big stores.
Mary Tucker
Saint Louis, MO

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Next fall, head to your local orchard and try some fresh picked apples. The taste difference from those found in supermarkets is incredible.

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