Stanley Plums

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Re: Stanley Plums

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PA_Docent wrote:I will never by another (fruit) tree from a mail order catalog.
I had luck with Trees of Antiquity, but I understand your point. They won't need to get acclimated to the weather in a different state. California is much different than Michigan, but mine are doing well.

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Re: Stanley Plums

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the only think you have to look out for is that black fungus . you also might look at long john they look very similar ours haven't got any on yet . we got them from ... ap=au+rosa

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Re: Stanley Plums

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So many here in W Washington. No brown rot. Totally drought tolerant (We get <1" in July and August). Several strains. mostly true from seed. naturally semidwarf. Just about walk away from pruning. Well-drained, sunny, even shadey spot is ok. We're dry in the summer, in PA my family had a little old tree and it did get some brown rot with the rains, some cracking too. Makes THE BEST PRUNES. The "Prune Plum"!

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