Sourcing Cider / Juice Year Round

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Sourcing Cider / Juice Year Round

Post by mwkaelin »

Hello - I am in the process of putting a business plan together for a Cidery. Volume would be small, 100 to 250 gallons per month to start, hopefully scaling up over a year.

The larger suppliers have been reluctant to even give me costs on a 250 gallon tote. I would, of course, like to use local sources during the harvest season, and am beginning to source that, but I need a supply for the "off" months. Can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier? Anyone know what does cider or juice cost at those volumes?



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Re: Sourcing Cider / Juice Year Round

Post by Greyt.Chase »

My suggestion is to talk to your local orchard. Typically, if they press cider, they freeze some because it would go bad too quickly otherwise. At least that is how it is here in my neck of the woods.

You might be right though...some of the "big boys" might not want to mess with such small scale sales. Maybe you can double or triple your order if you have a place that you can freeze it and store it.

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Re: Sourcing Cider / Juice Year Round

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my dad used to say that one of the best run of s cider that ever did were left over cold storage apples . a lot of people say that cider is not good till after a hard frost .
another thing locals used to use pink losgers (candy) in theirs
you should give a location at least a state some one here might be local

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