Cider press

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Cider press

Post by JamesB77 »

I have been looking for a good cider press online and have been looking at the American Harvester on Anyone know about this press / company?? Just wanting to get some feedback before I spend the money.


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Re: Cider press

Post by PA_Docent »

I also am researching about a cider press. I have search and American Harvester seems to be a reliable company with a nice product. I plan on purchasing one within the next two years (my apple trees are still young).
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Re: Cider press

Post by puma »

My wife bought the American Harvester for my birthday late last year. We assembled it this spring and hope to gather enough apples in the next couple of weeks to actually use it! So, can't report on its useability, but I can say that it seems well-enough built and the service from Happy Valley has certainly been excellent.

I did a lot of research before settling on the American Harvester. There are a few choices out there in new presses, and they all seem comparable--about the same materials and build quality. In the past I've used antique presses, built of massive solid timbers and heavy cast iron components. The new ones are not built to that standard. Wood of that size and quality is expensive if you can find it, so builders have gone to laminated hardwood, and not as massive components. So these new presses are lighter in weight--both good and bad, in my opinion.

The upshot is I think the American Harvester and others like it will last for many, many years if given basic care. Will they be around in 100 years? Probably not--but only time will tell.

Rather than buy HVR's proprietary finish I used a good quality marine spar varnish, which worked just fine. I'm also keeping the press under a grill cover. Be sure to purchase a couple of press bags as well.

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Re: Cider press

Post by Greyt.Chase »

Here is another one, probably a bit cheaper. ... s-n-barrel

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Re: Cider press

Post by mmi »

did you look at there press
they made one that looks very good made out of i beams

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Re: Cider press

Post by sgbotsford »

Search the archives of Mother Earth News. They have ads for them, but they also have articles about how to make them.

Also some good stuff on home made shredders.

For the serious cider maker, it's worth converting an old washing machine. I've seen pics of one that both shredded and spun the apples, but the shreads were awfully big, so I suspect he only got half the juice out.

I heard of one guy who build a shredder and modified a washing machine. (You need to line the drum it with a heavy nylon or canvas bag that clips in.) He could turn 6 barrels of apples into 4 barrels of mash in an afternoon. Another afternoon turned 4 barrels of mash into 2 barrels of juice.

I've read that many apples increase their sugar content for a while in storage. You may want a brix meter. Check your apples every couple days, and process them when they are at max sugar content.
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