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No other store bought apple has Jazz's combination of crispness, sweet & sour, and durability. It's perfection. THERE'S NOTHING WORSE THAN A MEALY APPLE!

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Re: Jazz

Post by dmtaylor »

I agree, Jazz is nothing short of excellent, and is certainly one of the top 3 best supermarket apples. I also love Honeycrisp and Fuji but those are more on the sweeter side, of course. Hard to beat the zip of the Jazz.

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Re: Jazz

Post by Skipley »

ZIP, flavor, It's bright and has a season that must relax it's pressure test, but i've not experienced that yet. The apples I've eaten must've been in the mid-twenties/ crazy hard, crisp!? breaking??, mmm, how about fracturing? Yes, this apple fractures. And be careful, it's known to pull teeth. Honestly, maybe it's the batches I've tried, but they've all been a textural challenge. Nothing mellow about this. Juice? Not a lot, just super high flavor.

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