red cider

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red cider

Post by mmi »

has any one tried to make a red cider with red fleshed apples

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Re: red cider

Post by Greyt.Chase »

I have not...but it sounds very interesting!

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Re: red cider

Post by dmtaylor »

Yes, I have. It works!

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Re: red cider

Post by appledude »

Some report the color not being stable sometmes, some turning orange. I cheat by using store bought sterile apple juice made by OceanSpray company and they include a healthy dose of cranberry juice right in it with its bright red color. A cup of sugar, quarter pack of champagne yeast, 10 to 14 days making CO2 on the counter and it is ready to bottle. Lovely!

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

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