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Cur (Kerr?, Curr?) variety info request

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2014 10:27 pm
by FarmGuy2
Hi. We have a variety here in central Canada called a Cur apple. It is a small (crabb) apple that is a deep red, matures in September and tastes best after some frost. It is very crisp and juices well. I cannot find any information on Mr. Internet about this variety. Does anyone know how to spell it's name or where I can find some information and a picture for it? Thanks

Re: Cur (Kerr?, Curr?) variety info request

Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2014 8:07 pm
by dmtaylor

Re: Cur (Kerr?, Curr?) variety info request

Posted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 1:52 pm
by sgbotsford
Kerr is the name.

I carry it, if you are in Central Alberta. Any garden centre that gets trees from Jeffires can get it in for you.

"Kerr Applecrab Zone 2
Fruit: 4-5 cm Dark purple/red
Ripens: Late September
Storage: Good"

Because of the zone 2 hardiness, it's a popular apple. Note however it's late ripening. Keep out of frost pockets unless you have a use for semi ripe red rocks. Zone 2 doesn't have a long season. Try to shelter your orchard so it becomes a warmer micro-climate. If you can make it 5 degrees warmer for 2 months, that's another 300 degree days.

I've put in a request to have it added to the varieties database.