Red Delicious apple chemicals very valuable

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Red Delicious apple chemicals very valuable

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The Red Delicious apple probably exceeds other kinds for its very high content of anti-oxidants, flavonid & procyanidins due to its red color & extra thick skin. can you chew 10 times on this tough American apple?

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Re: Red Delicious apple chemicals very valuable

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Calville Blanc is high in vitamin C! wonder if there ever was a study performed about nutrients in apples?
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Re: Red Delicious apple chemicals very valuable

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Lawrence D. Hills, doyen of organic gardening and founder of the Henry Doubleday Research Association, in his book 'Grow Your Own Fruit and Vegetables' (1971), gives a list of mainly British apples ordered by vit. C content in mgs per 100 gms. 'Ribston Pippin' heads the list at 30.00, and 'Calville Blanc' isn't on the list, but he admits it's not a complete list - I think it's varieties popular in the UK. He mentions another list of mainly Continental varieties, which was topped by 'Calville Blanche d'Hiver', which I think is the same variety as 'Calville Blanc', which has 31.80 mgs vit. C per 100 gms, so it does indeed just beat 'Ribston'. 'James Grieve' is rather low, at 6.80, but I still love it! 'Bramley's Seedling' is middling, at 16.00, but I'd guess that some vitamin C would be lost in cooking.
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