Apple scionwood sources

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Apple scionwood sources

Post by GulfCoast49 »

New to Orange Pippin. I am looking for scionwood sources for the
following apple varieties in the US.
Shannon Pippin
Vanilla Pippin
Seaconk Sweeting
Golden Harvey
Brownlee's Russet

Any help finding these will be greatly appreciated!!

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Re: Apple scionwood sources

Post by Zutanz »

I saw you query for scionwood of Shannon Pippin, Vanilla Pippin, Seaconk Sweeting, Golden Harvey and Brownlee's Russet, since I'm also looking for Golden Harvey, and have posted your list of wants on the Seattle Treefruit Society's FaceBook page. I'll let you know what comes of it. Were you fortunate in procuring your scions? If not, then I'll keep you in mind for this next season. - Michael, Eugene, Oregon

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