Grafting and Disease

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Grafting and Disease

Post by phmezz »

I have a 4 year old golden delicious that gets covered in cedar apple rust every year. I spray but it only helps a little.

I am going to remove most of the tree and cleft graft Liberty scion wood onto the stump.

Because I will still have some golden delicious wood at the base of the tree will this effect the disease resistance of the Liberty apple tree ?


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Re: Grafting and Disease

Post by Skipley »

I would say No, the resistance will come from the scion tissue-Liberty in your instance. Apple rust gets most apples if it's around and the climate is right. Golden Delicious is terribly Scabby (Venturia inequalis), whereas Liberty is scab-free. So beware, Liberty may still succumb to Rust (Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae) and this can be combatted with teas, possible bicarbonate. And then there is removaing the alternate host- Junipers!

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