'Brown's Eater'

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'Brown's Eater'

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This tree I planted 4 yrs ago after doing a day course in how to prune apple trees. It is growing fantastically and I am pruning it annually.
It has however produced only 3 lone blossoms (which was last year) all of were fertilised and produced apples (only one made it to maturity as the other 2 fell off in storms)
This year had pruned it back but not so much and although it looks very healthy there has been NO BLOSSOM and yet again I have NO APPLES!
The tag on the original tree read Apple 'Brown's Eater' and described it as a Cider apple (Flat shaped fruit, bright green with red stripes. Tart flavoured mid-season cider apple.
On your site I have found that it is Self-Sterile so I perhaps need another apple tree to help pollination, but I need blossoms to be pollinated.
Advice and help please..

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Re: 'Brown's Eater'

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Most apples are "Self Sterile" or Diploids as I understand. Yes, you need a pollenizer- preferably within a hundred feet or so. Over-Vigor is often responsible for fruit drop. Try tying down the branches instead of pruning. If you have the space this is way better- ton's more fruit and earlier in the trees life too. If you have more than a few feet of annual growth, you have an over-vigorous tree- try "grassing down"- grow grass to compete, hold back Nitrogen fertilizer/composts/ hold back water, stress the tree, girdle the tree with a thin slice of bark removed. root-prune the tree, make a bark-inversion, fertilize with a bit of Rock Phosphate, zinc or Boron might also be in short supply depending on your location/soil. Hope this helps

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