Cox Orange Pippin on M106 vs EMLA 106

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Michael Wybo
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Cox Orange Pippin on M106 vs EMLA 106

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On this board and elsewhere one sees posts that claim that Cox's Orange Pippin on "virus free" rootstocks loses the flavor for which it is known. I assume that virus free means the EMLA rootstock series. Is there any sound basis for this? I ask because the only Orange Pippin I can acquire is on an EMLA 106 rootstock and I wonder if it is worth the effort.

Thanks for your help. I am located in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canadian climate zone 6A.


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Re: Cox Orange Pippin on M106 vs EMLA 106

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I doubt the rootstock has anything to do with it. I think what you are referring to are the various clones of Cox that are available, some of which are (incidentally) self-sterile and some of which are self-fertile. For example there is a form called SF18 which is usually known as Queen Cox, which if anything has a better flavor (in my opinion) than the original form. However these are just nuances, and it is hard to tell one from the other.

Regardless of the above, I think your local climate and growing conditions will have a far greater impact on the apples you can grow than the particular form of Cox scion that you are able to plant. Cox in any form and on any rootstock is still a great apple to grow.

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