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Pruning Deer Damaged trees

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 8:17 pm
by Rheidy
I have an 8 year old cider orchard, which I planted from whips, 175 trees in total (25 x 7 varieties) I am a total beginner!

We were going so well, then 3 years ago we had severe deer damage to the lower branches of about 40% of the orchard. I pruned off damaged and broken branches at the time, but have not pruned properly since. There is alot of upward growth on some trees, with new branches growing up high, but I don't have any lower or mid branches on some of these trees, they were lost to the damage. I am about to start pruning this week (in Australia)

My question is, do I prune back the lanky upward growth to promote new branches down lower, or won't that work at all?

P.S. We have since built a really heavy duty 8ft deer fence around the entire orchard.