Very small red apples for wedding decor

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Very small red apples for wedding decor

Post by ltmack02 »

I am looking for a variety of small red apples that may be the size of a baseball or smaller. I'm considering using them as the theme for my wedding in October. I would be using them as place card holders, floating in large vases and in floral arrangements. Do you have any suggestions? Can this variety be found in a local orchard or wholesalers in Tampa, FL? I will probably need about 300 apples for my wedding decor.

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Post by tkuntz »

I would recommend Jonathan. They are smaller apples, hold their shine and are firm enough to endure sitting on tables or in water for a day or more.

I've heard from customers that the varieties of apples are limited in Florida. You may need to have them shipped to you. I can give you shipping info from our market in Pennsylvania if interested.

Have you thought about using apple butter as gifts for your guests. Some of our soon to be wed customers will purchase apple butter unlabeled and make their own label personalized for your special day.

If you visit wholesalers, the size you are looking for is a 100 to 125 (or 125 apples to the bushel). This is how they will understand exactly what you are looking for. Ask for Extra Fancy (the top apple grade). They will cost a little more, but you'll want the best for on the table.

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Re: Very small red apples for wedding decor

Post by PA_Docent »

My Siberian Crabapple has dark red fruit, about 1"-1.5" diameter this year. If I were closer I would send you the few I have (the tree is only two yrs in the ground but produced about 8 crabapples this year). If you can find someone close by with a crabapple tree that produces the same size fruit (1"-1.5"), you might look into using these for your wedding/anniversary...
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