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Attribute Search Page

Post by JenniferG »

There's a link on the Apple Varieties page to an "attribute search page." This sounds like a great feature, but when I click on the link, nothing happens. Is there just a typo in the link or is this feature not actually implemented?

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Re: Attribute Search Page

Post by dmtaylor »

I've noticed the same thing. It used to work, although not very well. Now it doesn't work at all...

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Re: Attribute Search Page

Post by OrangePippin-Richard »

This link should not be visible yet, but since you have spotted it, I can say that we have been testing a new search feature for the OP database but have come unstuck a bit because of the volume of data. It is on hold for the moment. However you can see what it might eventually look like because we have implemented a version of it on our tree sales website - see - that site has far fewer varieties and attributes so is easier to prototype with. It will be a great addition to OP when we eventually get it working!

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