Crab apple rootstock watershoots?

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Crab apple rootstock watershoots?

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I saw this tree by a local bar that I go to thought it was interesting so I figured I would share. Basically along the street this is on there is a row of crab apples however on 1 tree it looks like the rootstock had a watershoot grow into tree as well. I didnt get a picture of the rootstock apples (all gone by the time I was back in the area) but they looked like a golden delicious, only with a more transparent looking skin and a pearmain shape. I did manage to eat one. As for taste it was not bad to the point where I did not finish eating it, but I also would not buy it. I was bland and mealy, almost like a cross between a yellow delicious and cardboard.

Anywho, I tried to upload some pics of this tree to the forum but they were too big to attach so below is a link to my facebook page for you want to see. Let me know your thoughts. I'll try and get some better pics when the apples are on it next year. In the pics you can only make out some of the crab apples that are still on it. ... 296&type=1

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Re: Crab apple rootstock watershoots?

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If it was a grafted tree, the graph was probably planted below the soil surface. My Siberian crabapple and Hewes Virginia, considered a crab, are graphs and planted at the proper height. If you saw a graph above the soil level, the rootstock is to blame.
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