Old, badly neglected apple orchard

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Old, badly neglected apple orchard

Post by Lyn »

I have inherited an orchard, which was planted over 30 years ago. It has been badly neglected and the trees are very overgrown. Having said all that, they all produced prolifically. I've been trying to name them. I have found an old list which I think was some of the varieties planted and now I just have to marry that up with the fruit produced to work out which is which. But there are some which are very different from any listed and I need help naming them
So far I think I have
Adams Pearmain
George Cave
Elton Beauty
The one that is baffling me is very large pale green fruits, with very pale small speckles and a tiny bit of russeting around the calyx and stem, quite rounded but slightly knobbly. About 100mm dia x 75mm high
Does anyone have any ideas Please ???

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Re: Old, badly neglected apple orchard

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Turn it around the other way: Where did your benefactor get his trees? Did he talk of one particular mail order house, or a local grower. By doing this, you may be able to find where he shopped, and then discover if they have a catalog from that era.

You might add where you are. Apples tend to be very local. Oh sure some are world travelers but huge numbers were develped by hobbyists, or by university research stations and few of these got far out of the state.

check with your county and see if they have a horticulturalist in the the extension service. He/She may be able to hlep you track this down.
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Re: Old, badly neglected apple orchard

Post by OrangePippin-Richard »

If you are in the UK, you can send samples to the National Fruit Collection - they have a fruit identification service.

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Re: Old, badly neglected apple orchard

Post by mmi »

i would ether graft them to what you want or just use or sell for cider

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