New to Orange Pippin and apples

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New to Orange Pippin and apples

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Hi everyone, just want to say hello to all and begin my quest of raising apples. I just purchased 2 potted apple trees, one dwarf Fuji and one dwarf combination variety for 50% off as a late season close out. I live in Long Island New You, so my plan is to winter them in the garage and plant in the the spring. They are both about 5 feet and look fairly healthy. Any and all advice for wintering, pruning, spraying, and planting in the spring would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Greg in New York

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Re: New to Orange Pippin and apples

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Keep em below 40 degrees if you can and above ~15 degrees (roots can be damaged and I don't know that T specifically). Prune minimally. Less is better imo. Establish a training system you want to use and stick to it. The rootstock used and variety matter primarily, ultimately so does your soil and care (water, fert), and fruiting: these 5 play on each other as to the growth rate and eventual height. I like to see at least 12" of growth on a more mature tree and the younger ones (<7 or 8 yrs) more like 18". Use an underground wrap of hardware cloth if voles(mice) are around (they like tall grass, & share snake habitat-and they eat the babies) when you plant, watch for rabbits and deer- more protection above ground!Fence or reg. sprays of Putrefied egg solids, blood, Hydrolyzed Casien all help deter. Look for scab resistant varieties, use Surround (kaolin clay) or "footies" for AM/CM=Apple Maggot/Codling Moth. Don't runt out the tree by overbearing- it can stop growing!
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