Wanted: robust varieties for zip 02748 coastal Massachusetts

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Wanted: robust varieties for zip 02748 coastal Massachusetts

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If you live in USA, New England, please let me know what varieties will do well at zip code 02748, coastal Massachusetts. Cedar apple rust is prevalent. Rootstock recommendations needed also. Very good sandy loam and full sun at the site. I cannot find much information on best varieties to grow, and the reasons they are the best! Where I am now in Seattle, we have many resources and thoughtful lists from active groups (http://www.HomeOrchardSociety.com and http://www.SeattleTreeFruitSociety.com ). Send me links! Tell me why it will do well! I also want to know what other fruit to plant that will thrive! Peaches?, Filberts?, Pears?, Plums? Thank you all, John.

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Re: Wanted: robust varieties for zip 02748 coastal Massachus

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That looks like zone 6 or 7, with fairly mild winters and cool summers. It should be a good climate for most kinds of apples and other orchard fruits. The cool summers also mean you might be able to try apple varieties such as Cox's Orange Pippin which prefer this type of climate (although watch out for cedar apple rust). I think European plums should also do very well.

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