Growing HoneyCrisp Apples from seeds question... Please help

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Growing HoneyCrisp Apples from seeds question... Please help

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So i am very new to the apple orchardist hobby. I have been growing 12 Honeycrisp apples from seeds. I picked the seeds from 3 apples that got from a local orchard one day applepicking. My process for growing them was in a paper towel in the fridge for about 7 months till the sprouted, then in soil. They are now about 6 inches tall with 6 or so leaves. They look great.

I just planted a Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Winesap, and Honeycrisp, which i purchased from a local nursey. They are about 5 feet high at this point and doing well about 2 weeks post planting.

Now my question is will the Honeycrisp that i have been growing from seeds bear fruit if planted near the store bought trees above to act as a cross pollinator. I have read from some forums that growing from seeds will cause trees to be sterile. Will this still be the case if they are planted next to other tree?

Thank you so much for your responses in advance.

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Re: Growing HoneyCrisp Apples from seeds question... Please

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The seedlings are likely to be self-sterile, this is nothing to do with growing them from seed, it is just the most likely case for apples (whereas peaches, for example, are usually self-fertile).

The seedlings are unlikely to cross-pollinate each other because they are closely-related (sharing the same mother but not the same father).

Therefore planting the seedlings near to the other trees will help with eventual cross-pollination.

Note that the seedlings will not be Honeycrisp trees. They are Honeycrisp seedlings - the result of a cross between the Honeycrisp mother and unknown pollinator trees in the orchard where they were grown. Orchards often use crab-apple trees as pollinators, so it is possible your seedlings are Honeycrisp / crab-apple crosses.

Good luck!

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