Gwintalpa apple? Iowa?

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Gwintalpa apple? Iowa?

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Have a really old friend tell me about a supposed 5 pound apple in Iowa known as Gwintalpa or Gwentalpa. Even the names might not be spelled correctly. I really wonder about a 5 pound apple! Could it be that his childhood memory was very imaginative?

None of his living relatives are any help.
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Re: Gwintalpa apple? Iowa?

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just perusing your website and saw this post about Gwintalpa. I had to respond. Do you have more info? I live in Iowa and would be willing to do a little lay research if i can.

Just going off of the name it sounds like it could have been called Quint Apple or Quintuple. Quin = 5 lbs and apple = of coarse the fruit. I couldn't find anything online for this though.

Also, the singer Gwen Stefani named her kid apple i think. Coincidence?

I was able to find the Guinness Book of World Records for the heaviest apple. Some guy in Japan grew a 4 pounder.

I don't know if this is the official website or not, but here is some info ... est-apple/

This link states it is a Hokuto variety. ... grown.html

please let me know if you have more info. i am curious to find out if iowa has been hiding a mythical creature and didn't even know it.
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