Apple variety identification help?

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Apple variety identification help?

Post by Christine »

I'm in love with these apples but I cannot for the life of me figure them out. No idea what variety they are, but I do know that they are being grown in Massachusetts.

Here is a link to a photo album I took of them:

The flesh of the apple is bright/white-ish. There was a definite crispness upon biting into it, but not hard. The taste was also sweet, but not cloyingly sweet.

Any help would be appreciated!
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Re: Apple variety identification help?

Post by JohnB »

I find IDing apples over the internet tough but I would guess at it is an Esopus Spitzenburg. They were first found in the town of Esopus, NY, so finding them in Mass. isn't a crazy thought :) I discovered my first ES tree this year (in the Albany NY area) near a very old farm and LOVE these apples. It is my most favorite eating apple.

Hope this helps.
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