id this, please

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id this, please

Post by wattza »

I have joined your list to ask your experts what apple it is that I am eating. It is growing on the lawn of my apartment building in Victoria, BC. We have been gathering windfall that is very good looking, and crisp and tasty. The skin reminds me of some sort of cox's orange, but the size if the apple is bigger. There are still good fruit on the tree.

Thank you!

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Re: id this, please

Post by appledude »

You could try ID'ing it from this page: LINK

Tell us if that is helpful!
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Re: id this, please

Post by JohnB »

Wow!! That is a great site for helping IDing apples.

I'm bookmarking that one.
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Re: id this, please

Post by theothertkuntz »

Look like Jonathan to me, but hard to tell from a picture.
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Re: id this, please

Post by dmtaylor »

Looks like a Cox or a Kidd's Orange Red. I've also seen some Fuji recently with the same sort of alligator striping on them, but I don't know if they'd grow very well in anything other than near-tropics.
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