Best Apples for the Season

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Best Apples for the Season

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I live in upstate New York and I was wondering what some of the best apples were to plant for the various apple seasons.

I found this local orchard site to be helpful, but I was wondering if I could get some more feed back. If you could only grow 1 apple verity per harvest season what would they be?
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Re: Best Apples for the Season

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Like you, I live in upstate NY and have been looking at that Black Diamond Farm site. It is nice.

I am proud of my upstate NY roots and its role in the apple world. Personally I would start with apples that are from NY like Northern Spy, Cortlands, Empire, Liberty, Spitzenbergs, Fortune and/or Newtown Pippin. Maybe branch into the apples from the other NE states like the Balwins, Roxbury Russet and Rhode Island Greening. All of those apples are native to this area and will do best in upstate NY.
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