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Need help pruning an Espaliered Apple Tree

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2013 1:44 pm
by Norwest

I planted a couple of Dutch cider apple trees about a year ago and am attempting to espalier them. Unfortunately I misplaced the tree tags so I am not sure about the variety but know they are semi-dwarf root stock. I decide to do a less common espalier method where I bent the main trunk over and anchored in position. I know the general concepts of pruning but am very nervous about messing up my new trees :? . One goal is to trim the trees as to promote the growth of the lower limbs so I can fill out the area opposite of the direction of the tree bend. I will soon build a stout cable trellis to facilitate training of the limbs. I would really appreciate some suggestions on how many of the shoots/limbs I should remove and any other general pruning suggestions.